Counselling can help by giving you the space to explore a wide range of issues or concerns. It is an opportunity to release, assess and achieve understanding in an environment of acceptance and respect. The counsellor will facilitate you in finding your own path and help you make choices.

Typical themes for counselling:-

  • Awareness that something from the past has not been resolved

  • Difficulty with life choices

  • Crisis management

  • Stressed, anxious, and/or suffering from panic attacks

  • Feeling low and depressed with or without an obvious cause.

  • Experiencing difficulties in relationships (communications)

  • Lacking direction, focus or inspiration in life

  • Dealing with grief or loss

  • Facing issues or difficulties with sex

  • Consumed by anger or rage

  • Unsure who they really are

Counselling falls under the umbrella term ‘talking therapies’ and allows people to discuss their problems and any difficult feelings they encounter in a safe, confidential environment. In general, it is a process people seek when they want to change something in their lives or simply explore their thoughts and feelings in more depth.

The counsellor will encourage you to talk about what's bothering you in order to uncover any root causes and identify your specific ways of thinking. 

Integrative Therapy is a type of counselling therapy where more than one counselling theory/model are blended together to give an overall approach that can be adapted to suit each individual’s needs. I use a combination of theories - CBT , Person-Centred Counselling and Psychodynamic Therapy - with the aim of best matching the approach to the client.


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If you are struggling with any of the following:-


   Bereavement and Loss
   Dealing with long term sickness
   Eating Disorders
   Identity Problems
   Panic Attacks
   Relationship Issues
   Self Development
   Self Harm
   Sexual Abuse
   Sexual Assault

   Substance Abuse

Counselling can help you.